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3 sezioni + una BonuS

+ Esperienze vissute, disavventure ripetibili da cui si possono trarre conclusioni affrettate (AVVICENDARSI-DI-VICENDE)

+ Lezioni apprese a livello accademico studiando questa complessa materia

+ Una visione più integralista sviluppata in anni di viaggi, soggiorni e turismo mordi e fuggi

Si parla di TURISMO, apertamente, senza criminalizzarlo. Esserne parte è un privilegio insostenibile.


I've always looked in the air. Buildings, trees, sky, stars, airplanes. As a high school student, I saw them pass through the mountains of the region where I grew up and I wondered about the route they were doing. I was used to undertaking long bus or car trips with my parents. They took a child / teenager to see the exhibits and museums. Wasn't too much culture? Growing up I took as many trains as possible, I stopped to admire the stations. Some are really bad. In 2012 I enrolled in University, Management of Tourism, Sports and Events (UniBZ). I perceived those elements as disconnected from each other. Only by becoming a tourist, following sports and organizing events, did I realize that university courses make sense. Then, galvanized, I also did the master's degree, again in Tourism Management, this time with the addition of Sustainability (University of Trento), a topic that in 2016 had become current. After that, I worked for over 5 years for a winery in my city, Trento. A wine that has been produced there for over a century, now called by the name of the city + DOC. I was taking care of the welcome, I become a sommelier, managing those things in contact with the public that they would call "hospitality, tasting, experience, customer care, back office". I liked it, but I stopped.

Now I started writing disconnected and often verbose things, university reminiscences and reflections. I'm talking about tourism. I try to analyze it, interpret it, I also teach it (together with the "wine") at a College in Nicosia. I live in Cyprus, in the middle of the sea and cultures. I take planes if I can, but I still prefer stations to airports. Meanwhile, I realized that it is also important to look at the ground. Buses, on the other hand, are always unsustainable. like tourism after all. Ah, I'm Davide. I almost forgot. Verbose, in fact. My pleasure. There are also my traces on Linkedin and Instagram Email: [email protected]

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